World Programming Limited (WPL) develop and sell the World Programming System (WPS), an interpreter for the language of SAS. A great alternative - Request a free evaluation of WPS.

World Programming System (WPS)

What is WPS?

The World Programming System (WPS) is a powerful and versatile platform for working with data. WPS software can run programs written in the language of SAS.

The supported syntax covers core, statistical and graphing functionality, and makes it possible to run many applications written in the language of SAS whilst the breadth of language support in WPS continues to grow.

The WPS Workbench IDE/GUI allows you to create, edit, manage and execute scripts and view the resulting output. Scripts can also be executed from the command line or in batch mode using WPS CLI.

Integrated Modular System

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Multi Platform Availability

WPS is available on a wide variety of hardware and operating system platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux (including for System z), AIX, Solaris and IBM Mainframe z/OS.

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User Interface

WPS can be used in a number of different ways:

Handle Large Data Volumes

WPS can read and write to many of the most commonly used data file formats, databases and data warehouses. It is capable of handling huge data volumes, wherever the processing occurs, be that on a mainframe, in a cloud, cluster, grid, server or workstation.

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Workstations and Servers with multiple CPU cores or hyper-threading can take adavantage of multi-threading support in WPS.

Why Use WPS?

  • Single license solution includes all modules.
  • Access historical data in many storage formats.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Modern, attractive and feature rich GUI/IDE environment to create, develop, maintain and execute your scripts and work with the resulting logs, data sets and output.
  • Develop applications for your customers.

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Important Notes

  • WPS is not the SAS® System
  • World Programming Limited is not associated in any way with SAS Institute Inc
  • The phrase "language of SAS" used in this web site is used to refer to the computer language often called "the SAS language"