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Interface Module
WPS Link

Local Workbench - Remote Servers

Using WPS Link technology, the WPS Workbench can run scripts on remote server installations of WPS in a network or cloud. The resulting output, data sets, logs, etc, can then all be viewed and manipulated from inside the Workbench as if the workloads had been executed locally. This is ideal for the enterprise environment where security, scalability and manageability are key. Data need never leave the datacentre whilst analysts benefit from the ability to perform powerful analytics using a rich local user interface. All communications are secured using robust, industry-standard high strength encryption.

WPS Workbench can be on a completely different platform to the linked server platform. For example, you might have local Workbench installations on Windows workstations linked to multiple Linux servers.

WPS Link can even be used from the Workbench on one server to link to another remote server.

SAS programs (scripts) require no special language statements to use this feature.

Establishing Remote Links

All WPS Link connections are initiated and maintained using ssh technology. The local WPS Workbench installation is connected to the remote server by using GUI facilities provided by the WPS Workbench.


Here are just a few of the benefits of using WPS Link technology.

  • Low-powered desktops and laptops can transparently use WPS installations on more powerful servers
  • WPS Worstations can take advantage of WPS installed on cloud, grid or cluster facilities
  • WPS Workbench users can run multiple concurrent programs on multiple local and remote WPS servers
  • Enhanced security as programs can be developed and run without data leaving the data centre
  • Ideal for companies with distributed facilities that wish to access or share WPS server resources

Dependencies and Usage

WPS Link can only be used with WPS versions 3 or higher.

WPS Link provides connectivity between installations of WPS Workbench and remote installations of WPS on the server platforms indicated in the table below.

Refer to the WPS Workbench section to see which platforms support the use of the Workbench itself.