World Programming Limited (WPL) develop and sell the World Programming System (WPS), an interpreter for the language of SAS. A great alternative - Request a free evaluation of WPS.

Interface Module
WPS Workbench


The WPS Workbench is an advanced Graphical User Interface/Integrated Development Environment. It is based on the open source Eclipse Platform framework with the great benefit that there are many third-party plugins available to extend and enhance the WPS Workbench in many ways. The WPS Workbench can be used for creating, modifying, debugging and maintaining programs written in the language of SAS (scripts).

User-Customised Environments

The look and feel of the WPS Workbench is totally customizable in the style of many modern IDE's. Within the main window any number of child windows or views can be opened such as editors, execution logs, explorers and menus. These windows can be resized and repositioned at will.


Editing Tools

The WPS Workbench has a rich set of functions to assist in editing scripts.

These features include syntax highlighting, find and replace, copy and paste and sophisticated searching and bookmarking facilities for scanning single files or all files in multiple projects.

The editor window offers syntax highlighting to distinguish between different language elements. This is a must-have feature for today's programmers and analysts.

The editor window's getter and margins have features to help in the display and navigation of source code. For example, there are active controls to collapse and expand blocks of your script, coloured markers to indicate where you have errors or have made changes.


Local History

WPS Workbench automatically keeps track of all the changes and edits you make to individual scripts. This means you can edit and even save a script but still be able to compare or revert back to an earlier version.


There are several explorer views in WPS Workbench that allow you to list, open, view, print or save the various output files that are created as a result of executing your scripts.

For example:

  • The Output Explorer View allows you to manipulate logs, listing output and HTML output.
  • The Library Explorer View allows you to manipulate libraries, datasets, views, catalogs, filerefs, etc.

Dependencies and Usage

The WPS Workbench can be used on the supported platforms indicated in the table below.