World Programming Limited (WPL) develop and sell the World Programming System (WPS), an interpreter for the language of SAS. A great alternative - Request a free evaluation of WPS.

Multi Platform Support

Large and Small Platform Support

WPS can be run on hardware ranging from workstations (laptop and desktop computers) through to servers, clusters, grids, cloud providers and mainframes. WPS runs under a wide variety of operating systems on these different hardware platforms.

Command Line Use (WPS CLI)

On all platforms the WPS Command Line Interface, WPS CLI, can be used to execute scripts. This is sometimes referred to as running in batch mode.

IDE/GUI (WPS Workbench)

On all platforms except Mainframe z/OS, WPS is able to utilise a GUI/IDE known as the WPS Workbench. This provides a convenient way to manage, edit and run scripts and to view any generated logs, reports and graphics.

Workbench Remote Server Connectivity (WPS Link)

Using WPS Link technology, the WPS Workbench can connect to one or more remote WPS servers on different platforms. This allows you to run scripts on the remote server and view the output locally.

Connect to data and run programs remotely (WPS Communicate)

Using WPS Communicate you can now connect to remote WPS Servers from within scripts. You can then transmit and receive data, and remote submit your SAS programs. Connections can be made by telnet or SSH depending on platform and security requirements.